Dr. Benjamin Warr is Research Fellow at the Centre for the Management of Environmental Resources (CMER) at INSEAD, Fontainebleau, France. He is an environmental scientist from a soil science background, active in various cross-cutting areas of research.

Emeritus Professor Robert Ayres, is the project manager for the CMER TERRA contribution. Bob Ayres was Director of CMER for ten years and is now the leader of two EU projects, TERRA2000 and MEPSS, which considers the shift from products to services and the possible impacts on environment, business and economy.

The partners are:  
Your there already!

Immaterialisation-Dematerialisation. We'd better be sure we are all tallking the same language!


Quantfying EU rebound and (imat)-dematerialisation trends using Advanced Sustainability Analysis.


From Denver Univesrity you get the full gambit from Barry Hughes and the IFs, International Futures model. Perhaps the only global model to consider the dynamics of social-environmental and equity domains! You can download a version and play God! Seriously though a super tool.

The NEMO and INSIGHT dynamics models.

The models consider the impacts of the Global Networked Knowledge Society (GKNS).


Macroeconomics of Technology, Growth and Development

Microeconomics of Technology and Industrial Dynamics

Strategy, Logistics and Innovation Management


The very interesting work on ecological restructuring of industrial societies by Professor Udo E. Simonis.

RAND are responsible for TERRA project management. Johnathon Cave researches ISTs and the human aspects of sustainability and the rebound effect.

Professor Raoul Weiler is considering how ICT developments may impact agriculture and food supplies. His is President of the Brussels Chapter of the Club of Rome.



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