Information Age Sustainability, Theme 3 of TERRA2000 European Community research into the effects of information communication techology on the sustainability, equity and wealth of Europe for the next Century.This website showcases the contributions of Dr. Benjamin Warr and Professor Robert Ayres, INSEAD, France.

The 'backbone' of TERRA2000 provides the framework for our research. HINDSIGHT is gained from empirical analysis of historical data. INSIGHTS are used to model and to simulate plausible future scenarios, providing the necessary FORESIGHTS for policy creation. Our objective is to provide effective advice for Europe's policy makers.An alternative navigation using this theme will soon be online!

This website is not so much under construction, but "undergoing evolution". Details about which pages are complete and which sections are going to soon contain more detail can be foind by visiting the newspage. Feel free to comment or contribute.

Dates in brackets, for example (6/3/2003) represent the date that the information was added to the site.


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